About Us

About Tradecom

For businesses seeking to increase efficiency and effectiveness in their supply chain operations, Tradecom is your most trustworthy integrated supply chain management solutions partner.

Since 1986, Tradecom’s conscientious commitment to building a comprehensive range of services and an unrelenting focus on fostering meaningful and enduring relationships ensures an integrated and reliable network for customers, honed with care and experience over time.

Over the years, Tradecom has built a strong reputation in supply chain management for recycled and finished paper, chemicals and additives, car care products as well as procurement services.

Powered by TRISM™, Tradecom’s own proprietary solution for supply chain management, and integration with a robust network of suppliers and international partners across the globe has allowed Tradecom to help clients achieve optimal efficiency in supply management.

Tradecom currently supplies to South Asia, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia, the Middle East and South Africa. Our partners and suppliers are based in Australia, Europe, North America, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia.

Tradecom has also two subsidiaries – Albatec Pte Ltd, an approved original equipment manufacturer and key supplier of engineered components, parts, assemblies and related services, particularly for the Aviation, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical industries, and Topac Marketing Pte Ltd which represents major suppliers of consumables and parts used in paper and pulp machines.

  • About Us
    About Us

    Tradecom takes pride in providing seamless, customisable and well-thought out supply chain solutions for our customers, which closely involve our employees, partners and stakeholders.

    Our Vision

    To be the company most respected for building meaningful and enduring relationships.

    Our Mission

    To create distinct value for our customers, suppliers, partners, employees and community by understanding their challenges and aspirations, and collaborating together to offer genuine support and practical solutions.

    Our Core Values

    Tradecom’s core values are founded on the principles of sustainability and community:

    • Integrity – We align our actions with our words and deliver what we promise
    • Take ownership – We are accountable for our own actions and go the extra mile in whatever we do
    • Teamwork – We work together to achieve our goals
    • Excellence – We constantly set high standards and strive to exceed them
    • Family spirit – We are good partners in good times and great partners in bad times
  • Our Logo
    Our Logo


    Our logo symbolises the core components of our business – Trading and Communication. While trading serves as the foundation of our supply chain services, our proactive communication with clients, suppliers, partners and employees ensure that our customers find the right solutions.

    The node connecting the letters E and C represent the connectivity needed between the core business components to ensure our ability to provide top-notch services. The letter A has been modernised to symbolise an arrow in the upward direction, to represent the growth aims of our company.

    The selection of bright blue as our corporate colour reflects the steadfast calmness and upbeat attitude of our company while deep red represents our sincerity and "heart" for people and the work that we do.

  • Our Strengths
    Our Strengths

    Tradecom provides a full range of supply chain services.

    What differentiates Tradecom is our ability to:

    Tailor products and services based on customer requirements

    Achieve cost savings in areas of product purchase, transportation and financing that are passed on to customers to enjoy, through:

    • Engagement in creative and alternative sourcing solutions
    • Preference to make direct purchases from manufacturers and suppliers to enable us to negotiate the best rates
    • Direct negotiation with shipping lines/transport companies to lower the overall cost of transportation

    Use flexible financing to reduce the financial risks and working capital needs that our stakeholders may incur in the process

    Hold regular dialogues with all stakeholders to continuously review and improve our supply chain services

    Continuously find ways and make the effort to improve our efficiencies

    Provide prompt and timely shipping documents using our proprietary backend process and documentation system (TRISMTM)

    Work with reputable and reliable manufacturers and suppliers to ensure quality of products and consistency of performance

    Maintain a good "Credit Rating" and standing in the industries we are in and ensure on-time payment to all our suppliers and partners

  • Accreditations & Accolades

    Over the years, Tradecom has achieved the following accreditations and accolades:

    • GeBIZ
    • Major Exporter Scheme
    • Member of Singapore Business Federation (Singapore’s Apex Business Chamber)
    • Registered with Achilles
    • Pre-qualified supplier with MNCs with specific comprehensive requirements and policies
    • Accredited as a Company of Good


    Enterprise 50 (E50)

    The Enterprise 50 Award is jointly organised by The Business Times and KPMG. It recognises the top 50 most enterprising local, privately-held companies in Singapore who have contributed to economic development in Singapore and abroad, of which Tradecom is one.

    Singapore SME 1000

    This award is part of the Singapore 1000 Family of Rankings by DP Information Group and is given to the top SMEs ranked by sales turnover. Tradecom has been receiving this award yearly since 2002, and from 2012 has mostly been ranked among the top 10 companies by Percentage Change in Return on Equity (ROE).

    Singapore International 100

    This award is part of the Singapore 1000 Family of Rankings by DP Information Group and is given to the top SMEs ranked by overseas sales turnover. Tradecom has been ranked among the top 10 companies in most of the years. In 2013, Tradecom was ranked among the top 4 for this award.


  • Our Tradecom Family
    Our Tradecom Family

    What started as a humble service to fulfill supply chain inefficiencies has now grown into one of the top businesses in Singapore. Tradecom is proud of our heritage and our long-serving commitment to our customers, suppliers, partners and staff. Join us as we take a walk down memory lane and honour those who have been a part of the Tradecom family over the years, for without them, we would not have the foundations for a great company. Do see if you can spot the same faces who have been with us for over 30 years!

    "I have been with Tradecom since the company started – In fact, my association with the company’s bosses span a longer duration than the company’s history as I had worked with Mr Ashvin Desai previously in another company, before he invited me to join Tradecom. Back when we started, we were just 2 individuals and I had to cover a number of work areas. Looking back, the exposure served as valuable experience for me. Fast forward to today, I am happy that I continue to have the privilege of being a part of the company’s growth from an "infant" to an "adult", seeing it undergo numerous changes and improvements. One thing that has remained constant and which I appreciate is the family-like environment created in the office. I am able to approach the bosses directly and even seek their help on personal matters as friends. With my colleagues, I am to comfortably share my ideas and opinions. I feel good coming to work. It is really the people that make Tradecom the desirable company that it is".

    – Annie Ong, 30 years in Tradecom

    "It feels just like yesterday when I first started working with Mr P B Desai more than 25 years ago, and fast forward to today, I cannot believe I have been with Tradecom for more than 20 years! Over the years, I’ve realised that relationships are highly valued at Tradecom – be it with the bosses, my fellow colleagues, our customers or partners – and it’s the formation of strong relationships that have enabled me to enjoy my work. I’m also appreciative of the continuous improvements being made in the company over the years – From the introduction of celebrations in the office to support the family-like working environment that we have to seeing the second generation of family members joining the business, I look forward to being a part of the improvements and growth that Tradecom shall be able to enjoy in the years to come. Speaking of the second generation of family members, I have been able to see them grow up from when they were toddlers and have even carried some of them on my lap! Now two of them are fathers and one recently got married! I look forward to building more memories at Tradecom."

    – Jakkie Choo, 25 years in Tradecom

Accreditations & Accolades

Over the years, Tradecom has achieved these accreditations and accolades.