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Our Products

Tradecom’s product offerings are categorised into 4 key divisions: Paper, Chemicals & Additives, Car Care and Procurement Services.

We supply to South Asia, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia, the Middle East and South Africa. Our partners and suppliers are based in Australia, Europe, North America, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia.

  • Paper

    Tradecom is the preferred supplier to the Paper and Pulp industry focusing on manufacturers and end users in Asia.

    Recovered Paper Products
    • We represent major packers in Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Mauritius and other countries
    • We source and supply all grades of wastepaper suitable for recycling and re-use
    • We specialise in the supply of Sorted White Ledger (SWL), Hard White Shavings (HWS), Coated Book Stock (CBS), Old Newspapers (ONP), New Double Lined Kraft Cuttings (NDLKC) and Mixed Paper
    Finished Paper
    • We are major suppliers of newsprint with sourcing capabilities from international paper mills and directly supply to major publishers in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other countries
    • We source and supply other grades of manufactured papers, especially for the wood free and corrugated industry
    Supplies for Paper & Pulp Machines
    • Through our subsidiary Topac Marketing Pte Ltd, we represent major manufacturers in Europe and USA
    • We supply consumables and spare parts for paper and pulp machines including dewatering elements, ceramic covers, reel turn up system, seals, guides and tensioners, and provide regrinding services
  • Chemicals & Additives
    Chemicals & Additives

    For over 25 years, Tradecom has been a specialist supplier of chemicals, grease and lubricant additives, and bitumen and fuel additives to the Oil and Petrochemical industries and its main stakeholders.


    We currently have long-term supplies and supply-chain models to state-owned and multi-national plants/organisations, primarily focused in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions.

    Our main product categories include:

    • Base Oils [Group IV – PAO (Poly-Alpha Olefin)]
    • Castor Oil and Derivatives
    • Corrosion and Rust Inhibitors
    • Defoamers
    • Emulsifiers
    • Extreme Pressure Additives
    • Industrial Chemicals
    • Lithium-based products
    • Molybdenum-based products
    • Pour-point Depressants
    • Viscosity Improvers and Modifiers
  • Car Care
    Car Care

    Tradecom has been supplying car care products since 2011 and is the macro distributor for coolant and brake fluids under the “Reco-Cool” brand for Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and Guam.


    We customise packaging, labelling and branding of coolants and brake fluids based on individual customer needs and maintain stocks of fast moving products in our Singapore warehouse to shorten delivery time.

    Our main products include:

    • DOT 3 Brake Fluid
    • DOT 4 Brake Fluid
    • Reco-Cool Coolguard Concentrate and Prediluted
    • Reco-Cool Coolguard TF Prediluted
    • Reco-Cool Glyco-Cool Concentrate and Prediluted
    • Reco-Cool HD Premium N-Concentrate and Prediluted
    • Reco-Cool Multi-Road Concentrate and Prediluted
    • Reco-Cool HD Ultra ELC-N Concentrate and Prediluted
    • Reco-Cool Super Concentrate
  • Procurement Services
    Procurement Services

    Tradecom’s procurement services acts as an extension of purchasing arms of various organisations, covering source-to-pay and pay-on-behalf services.  Our work involves improving processes methods and sources so as to optimise value for our customers and reduce their vendor base, administrative burden and total cost of ownership with complete spread visibility.  While our current expertise covers the onshore and offshore oil and petrochemical industries, our procurement services and models are easily applicable across all industries.


    Tradecom provides a full range of procurement services and covers a wide product range, specialising in chemicals, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, laboratory requisites and complete spare parts management and consumable items.

    In addition, we are able to work with our subsidiary, Albatec Pte Ltd, for the manufacturing and fabrication of a diverse range of precision engineered parts, components and assemblies covering maintenance consumables for both static and rotating equipment.

What They Say

  • A fantastic service of Tradecom is the urgent location, procurement, and delivery to site, of equipment and material in times of emergency (such as accident repairs and recovery), and during times when unexpected replacement is required in the middle of a shutdown or turnaround. I have no hesitation in recommending Tradecom Services.

  • Working with Tradecom is comfortable, warm and amicable. We solve issues together and together make a difference. I enjoy working with the team at Tradecom and it has so far been a very mutually co-operative relationship.

  • I have a strong personal relationship with the people at Tradecom and they have not let me down over 20 years. I am glad that we have such reliable and trustworthy partners.