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Our Services

Tradecom provides the full range of supply chain services, beginning from the sourcing of products to ensuring its timely delivery and providing prompt after-sales care. We customise our service solutions to meet our customers’ needs and objectives. The key services that we provide include:

Product Sourcing

We leverage our extensive contacts and market knowledge to search for suitable and reliable suppliers for required products.

Risk Management

We monitor and manage various risks such as pricing components, freight and exchange rate fluctuations, to ensure that our customers have a peace of mind.

Logistics Services

We provide the full range of logistics services – from origin to final destination, warehousing to delivery – customisable to our customers’ needs.

Localised Operations

We work with carefully selected partners to offer localised services in the countries that we supply to such as customs and port clearance, delivery and warehousing.

Proactive Solutions Development

We have proven ability to identify areas of improvement and solutions to create supply and price efficiencies within the supply chain.

After Sales Follow-Up

We continue to monitor and assist in any issue related to the product, service or delivery after it has been delivered by us.

Pricing Mechanism and Models

We work with our customers, suppliers and partners to craft suitable pricing structures based on market pricing or pre-agreed formulas and benchmarks.

Pricing Stability

We are able to work towards establishing a long-term fixed price mechanism according to specific end-user requirements.

Freight and Transportation

We have extensive contacts with various freight providers and transportation companies to craft the best transport solutions. We also offer different delivery options, from FCL to small parcel deliveries by road.

Technical Matters

We co-ordinate between suppliers and customers on any technical aspects prior and post-sales.

Supply Chain Models

We deploy the use of various supply chain operation models such as VMI (vendor-managed inventory) and consignment/guaranteed stock based on customers’ needs.

What They Say

  • A fantastic service of Tradecom is the urgent location, procurement, and delivery to site, of equipment and material in times of emergency (such as accident repairs and recovery), and during times when unexpected replacement is required in the middle of a shutdown or turnaround. I have no hesitation in recommending Tradecom Services.

  • Working with Tradecom is comfortable, warm and amicable. We solve issues together and together make a difference. I enjoy working with the team at Tradecom and it has so far been a very mutually co-operative relationship.

  • I have a strong personal relationship with the people at Tradecom and they have not let me down over 20 years. I am glad that we have such reliable and trustworthy partners.